Custom Stocks and Restorations

Custom stocks

We can upgrade your existing stock, or supply you with a new stock with the features you want.

Make it Your Own with a Custom Stock

Replace the factory stock with eye-popping premium wood?  No problem.

Not all Custom Stocks are Just like the Others

Build a custom lightweight carbon fiber/Kevlar composite stock for the hunt of a lifetime?  No problem!

Keep the Memories Close with Customization

Checker Grandpa's old deer rifle so you can experience the hunt like your grandfather? Of course!

Have Questions about Our Custom Stocks? Ask Us!

We enjoy turning your rifle into a unique or more usable configuration!

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We offer a variety of services for restoring your firearms.

Heirloom Firearms

Do you have an heirloom that needs attention?

We can (usually) Make it Look New

Or maybe you bought an older firearm that you would like to look brand new?

First firearm? Welcome to Gun Ownership! Now about those scratches...

Your first rifle needs some of the scratches and dings removed?  Or that “gun show special” needs a few remedies?

Working Condition or Display Condition? Ask Us for Details!

We offer complete restoration services on many firearms.  Our goal is to restore the firearm to working condition while maintaining the original “character” from years of use or make it look like new, “period correct” of course.

Special Customization Needs Available

Hot caustic bluing, nitre bluing, rust bluing or color case on the project?  We have you covered.

To Repair or Buy New? Sometimes that is the Question!

Are you wanting a new stock or just have the current one repaired?  We have you covered.

Have a Specific Time Frame in Mind for Your Firearm?

Period features?  We can do that.

We'll Hit the Books (or Google) for You!

We will research any unusual features and replicate them as part of your project.

Please note:

While many finishes are no longer available, we will come as close as possible to give you the results you are looking for.