Cleaning and Repairs

The Regular Cleaning of Your Firearms is Most Important!

Keeping your firearm clean and well-lubricated is important.  We offer several services to help keep your firearms in top condition.

After the Hunt is Over

After a long, hard season chasing deer, elk, pheasant, ducks or geese, many firearms will be contaminated with mud, sand, salt, weeds, and blood.  Any of these can and will eventually damage the firearm if not removed.  We offer “end of season” specials on firearms cleanings.  Just bring us your firearm and we will return it to you clean and ready for storage until next year.

Quick Clean Available

A “quick clean” will remove the majority of fouling and varnished lubricants from a firearm without requiring a detailed strip.  This will satisfy the needs of many owners who just want the firearm stripped and cleaned without the additional time and expense of complete disassembly.

Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning

Many of us will come across firearms left sitting in a drawer or on a shelf that becomes inoperable as the oils in the gun turn sticky or “varnish”.  We offer a complete “disassemble, clean and inspection” that includes full disassembly, cleaning in a heated ultrasonic cleaner, lubrication with synthetic oils that will not varnish and cause the same issues, reassembly, and testing.

Got Rust?

Rust accumulation on the interior or exterior of the firearm can quickly damage the firearm beyond the point that can be repaired quickly and easily.  We can remove surface rust and interior rust, restoring most of the original beauty of the firearm.

Preparing Your Firearm for Storage

For those intending to store their firearms for extended periods, we offer a preserving service.  The firearm is cleaned, then lubricated with a preservative grease designed for storing firearms.  All the user needs to do before using the firearm again is clean the bore and wipe down the exterior.


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Do Your Firearms Need Repairs?

We service most makes and models of firearms, as long as parts are available for the repairs requested.  All repairs are done to the highest industry standards for your safety.

Do you have Obsolete or Antique Firearms Needing Repairs? We may be able to help!

If parts are not available, we will generally decline to take the firearm in for repair.  Parts for many obsolete firearms are available from specialty parts manufacturers, including parts for firearms that have been out of production for a century or more.  If parts for your antique firearm are not available, we have a machinist who can make parts for obsolete firearms.

Repair and Modify Your Firearm

In addition to repairs on the firearm's firing mechanisms, we also offer repairs and modifications to stocks.  Recoil pads, checkering, sling swivel or Picatinny rail installations are all part of what we do.


Has the stock broken?  It can be fixed.

Exposure to the Elements including Water

Water damage from flooding or exposure to the elements?  We can handle it!