Cleaning and Repairs

Keeping your firearms clean is important for proper functioning and safety.

Getting your firearms repaired means you can head to the range (instead of letting it gather dust in the case or safe).

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Custom Stocks and Restorations

Have you been wanting a more unique-looking firearm?

Custom stocks are available. which are crafted by our gunsmith, Millard.

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Upgrade Your Firearms

Have you been thinking about adding a new military-grade scope?

Is it time for a new trigger pull?

Please contact us with your firearm make and model along with the potential upgrades you would like to have done.

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Welcome to My Shop!

Hi! I am Millard -  the owner and gunsmith here at Summit Arms Services.

Here at my shop, cleaning firearms is just one of the services I offer.

Don't get me wrong: Keeping your firearms clean is super important!

In addition to cleaning, I handcraft custom stocks and can (usually) restore firearms with some tender loving care.

Having a firearm is one thing. Customizing it to make it more enjoyable at the range or while hunting is even better.

I am happy to discuss options for how to make your firearm work better for you.

Safe shooting,

Millard the Gunsmith Copyright Summit Arms Services

How can we help you?

We are here to make sure your firearms are clean, working safely, and perform well.

Contact us today for all of your cleaning, repair, custom work, restoration, and upgrading needs.